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Pretty in Pink

On Tuesday morning we began sorting through some of the material collected from Sandenbai on Monday. We have noticed the Arctica from Sandenbai at Ingøya are a very nice pink color compared to other populations. Just another thing that makes them so special! One avenue for future work is to collaborate with a DNA specialist. … Continue reading Pretty in Pink

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1 very productive day 2

Everyone agrees these last two days are extremely unusual in terms of weather at a place like Ingøya, which boasts the record greatest number of gale-force wind days per year in Norway (257). Very little wind and very flat water. Yesterday, Maddie snorkeled in Sandenbai with mixed success. Cold was not at all a problem. … Continue reading 1 very productive day 2

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Arrival on Ingøya!

Fieldwork is underway at Ingøya, Norway. This season we are seven: Michael Carroll, Al Wanamaker, Maddie Mette, Mike Retelle, Julie Retelle, Sam Rickerich, and Claire Markonic (introductions forthcoming). The goals this year are to wrap up shell sampling and set the stage for future work. A major highlight will be collecting a sediment core from … Continue reading Arrival on Ingøya!