Preparing for May field campaign

CATEGORIES: Field Blog/News

Preparations are underway for our next sampling trip at the end of May! Joining SIPERG’s Al Wanamaker and Maddie Mette in the field are Will Ambrose, Michael Retelle, Michael Carroll, Julie Retelle, and two undergraduate students Sam Mark and Julia Savage. This is the last sampling trip on our budget, so we need to make it count!

One of our primary goals is to collect deep water clams. We have already scoped out several locations that may provide. This year we are equipped with an underwater camera so look forward to some cool footage! The team on land will be surveying the raised beaches on the neighboring island, Rolvsøya, and wrapping up collecting beach samples from both Ingøya and Rolvsøya. Stay tuned for updates and links to other active blogs and articles about this sampling trip.