SIL Services & Pricing

(updated 2/9/2024)

Sample preparations differ with sample type (solid, liquid, gas) and for each analysis. Proper preparation is critical for quality results. Review the following documents and contact the lab manager Suzanne Ankerstjerne before shipping samples:

Sample material not consumed during analysis is archived for 3 months from the date of submission and then discarded. For researchers within the United States, unused sample material can be returned if requested. Please make this request during the submission process and include a prepaid return shipping label in your sample shipment. Additional fees may be incurred if samples are not prepared correctly. We are unable to analyze enriched samples (ie: tracers) at this time. If you are in doubt and want to confirm samples are prepared and packaged correctly, please contact us (

This price list applies to internal (Iowa State University) and external education/research institutions. The corporate pricelist is also available upon request.

Sample Analyses Device Mass Spectrometer Iowa State customers
Price per sample (USD)
External customers
Price per sample (USD)
Carbonate (CaCO3) 13C, 18O Gas Bench Delta V $9.00 $14.00
Water  2H, 18O Picarro L2130-i Water Isotope
Analyzer (CRDS)
$9.00 $14.00 (1-49 samples),
$13.00 (50-99 samples),
$12.00 (>100 samples)
*DICwater 13C Gas Bench Delta XL Plus $10.00 $14.00
Organic solids
(natural abundance, dried,
pulverized, homogeneous)
13C, 15N Elemental
Analyzer (EA)
Delta XL Plus Organic – natural abundance:
$12.00 (we weigh/encapsulate)
$10.00 (weighed/encapsulated)
Soils, Sediments, Filters, and Carbonates:
$14.00 (we weigh/encapsulate)
$12.00 (weighed/encapsulated)
Organic – natural abundance:
$14.00 (we weigh/encapsulate)
$10.00 (you weigh/encapsulate)
Soils, Sediments, Filters, and Carbonates:
$16.00 (we weigh/encapsulate)
$12.00 (you weigh/encapsulate)
Organic/inorganic solids  2H, 18O TC/EA Delta XL Plus $12.00 (we weigh/encapsulate)
$10.00 (weighed/encapsulated)
Lab provides silver capsules
NOTE: Only one element analyzed
per sample
$ request quote

* If your samples are poisoned (e.g., HgCl2), an additional charge of $20 will be applied to your bill for waste disposal.

Quality Assurance

1. We use international isotopic standards (NBS 19, NBS 18, VSMOW2, SLAP, IAEA-600, IAEA-CH-6, IAEA N1, IAEA N2, etc.) to place all samples on the appropriate isotope scale (e.g., VSMOW, VPDB). Click here for an assortment of example reports.

2. Click here for the Picarro L1102-i versus GasBench 18O water comparison.

3. Long term device performance (reported in RMSE):
Carbonates on GasBench-Delta V IRMS is ±0.05‰ for 13C and ±0.08‰ for 18O
Organics on Costech EA-Delta XL Plus IRMS is ±0.10‰ for 13C and ±0.14‰ for 15N