Data and Links

The SIPERG is involved in a variety of projects that generate data. Published data is freely available to researchers and members of the public and may be obtained using the links on this page. Please contact PI Wanamaker if you are interested in obtaining unpublished data from current or past projects.

Data from SIPERG Projects

Gulf of Maine
Northern Norway
North Icelandic Shelf
Experimental Studies

Climate Change Info Links

(credit Dr. Erich C. Osterberg)

  1. IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (2014)
  2. Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
  3. “Climate from Climate Scientists.” And they really are. These articles are all by very well respected scientists in the field of climate and paleoclimate, and they have great discussions about the topics of the day
  4. US National Climate Change Impact Assessment Report: An interactive web page to Explore the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee’s 2014 report. Like the IPCC but just for the US.
  5. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Provides good visuals and summaries of climate change and mitigation. Good introductory resource for students/li>

Climate Data and Analysis Links