Arrival on Ingøya!

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Fieldwork is underway at Ingøya, Norway. This season we are seven: Michael Carroll, Al Wanamaker, Maddie Mette, Mike Retelle, Julie Retelle, Sam Rickerich, and Claire Markonic (introductions forthcoming). The goals this year are to wrap up shell sampling and set the stage for future work. A major highlight will be collecting a sediment core from an isolation basin just above the bay where we collect clams.

Everyone is in good spirits despite some drama in Tromsø with missing luggage. The box with the coring equipment did not make it to Tromsø…until two hours before departure north on the Hurtigruten, the coastal cruiser that provides the most efficient and cost-effective travel to Ingøya. Mike’s heart rate has since returned to normal. As always, our gear outnumbers us by a factor of ~3. We hitched a ride from Captain Joakim, a 3rd generation native here at Ingøya. Arriving at low tide presented an interesting challenge with all our gear, however, nobody’s complaining! We are excited to be on the island.


Captain Joakim in his boat, the “Jenni Sofie.”


The crew on Hurtigruten

Weather has been unbelievable since we arrived to 20+ °C weather in Tromsø and to similar conditions at Ingøya. Thorleif (“The Codfather”) turned 65 a few weeks ago and the island lighthouse (Fruholmen) turned 150; both were celebrated with a major party. The fun, however, is officially over now that we have arrived (just kidding, they love us, right?).

We have the fish house to ourselves, two to a room in the apartments upstairs next to Thorleif’s. One of our priorities over the next few days is to do some fishery stock assessment, i.e. “Operation Fill the Fridge.” This afternoon, we plan on taking a swim in the bay to capitalize on the nice weather. We hope to hand collect some clams and get some good photos of the sea bottom. Wish us luck!


The older folks got a little excited when Paul Simon came on the radio.


Loading the gear at low tide.


Loading the gear at low tide


All our gear