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Wrapping up field work

The last few days of fieldwork were reserved for finishing up mapping of marine terraces, organizing, labeling, and packing samples, and taking one last unsuccessful stab at collecting live deepwater clams.  The weather has been warm and sunny with a light breeze – allowing some of us the unique experience of visiting Ingøya’s lighthouse.  Much discussion took … Continue reading Wrapping up field work

Two little clams

Yesterday and part of today were dedicated to deepwater dredging. Erlend, Maddie, and crew set out for the small shelf break northeast of Ingøy. Thorleif, Al, and crew headed for deeper areas east of Ingøy we dubbed “the bowl.” On the way to the shelf break sites, Erlend called the coast guard to inquire about … Continue reading Two little clams

ISO Deepwater clams

Al, Maddie, and Michael accompanied Captain Thorleif today in search of deepwater clams.  Winds were low and weather was good.  We left base camp before noon with a few spots in mind headed toward the northeast.  Thorleif is the true expert when it comes to these waters and we must follow his guidance.  Thorleif and … Continue reading ISO Deepwater clams