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Congratulations to Dr. Nina Whitney

Dr. Whitney successfully defended her PhD research (Using modern and paleoceanographic isotopic systems to reconstruct Late Holocene temporal oceanographic variability in the rapidly warming Gulf of Maine). We are all very proud of Nina!!

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Back to Portugal, thanks NSF

In September, PhD student Diana Thatcher along with Gabi Hiatt, an undergraduate student from Cornell College, returned to Portugal to visit a total of three caves in central and southern Portugal. This project (Collaborative research: Bridging the gap from northern Iberia to northwest Africa to reconstruct atmospheric dynamics and hydroclimate for the last 2,500 years) … Continue reading Back to Portugal, thanks NSF


Research links two millennia of cyclones, floods, El Niño

Rhawn Denniston of Cornell College leads a study published in PNAS that links flood layers in Australian speleothems (shown here) to cyclones, floods, and El Niño. The link to the study can be found (here). The link to the paper can be found (here).