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New lab group paper

Very exited to share some new research results. This was years in the making and was a real group effort. A 250‐Year, Decadally Resolved, Radiocarbon Time History in the Gulf of Maine Reveals a Hydrographic Regime Shift at the End of the Little Ice Age   Radiocarbon measured in absolutely dated Arctica islandica shells … Continue reading New lab group paper


New paper by Dr. Nina Whitney

Congratulations to Nina and co-authors for their new paper on characterizing water mass variability in the Gulf of Maine using stable isotopes link to paper. Whitney, N.M., Wanamaker, A.D., Switzer, M.E., Pettigrew, N.R., 2020. Using stable isotopes as tracers of water masses and nutrient cycling processes in the Gulf of Maine. Cont Shelf Res … Continue reading New paper by Dr. Nina Whitney


Congratulations to Dr. Thatcher

Congratulations to Dr. Diana Thatcher for successfully defending her PhD research! The title of her PhD dissertation is “Using Portuguese stalagmites to constrain Holocene arid and humid intervals and drivers of regional hydroclimate.” She did a fantastic job all around!!


Congratulations to Dr. Carroll

Congratulations to Dr. Hannah Carroll who successfully defended her PhD research yesterday. The title of her doctoral dissertation is “Late Quaternary paleoecology of the North American midcontinent.” She did an amazing job all around from the presentation to the defense with her committee members. Wooooohooooooo!