New lab group paper

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Very exited to share some new research results. This was years in the making and was a real group effort. A 250‐Year, Decadally Resolved, Radiocarbon Time History in the Gulf of Maine Reveals a Hydrographic Regime Shift at the End of the Little Ice Age


Radiocarbon measured in absolutely dated Arctica islandica shells is used to track water masses entering and the radiocarbon time series reveal an abrupt regime shift around CE 1860 as a result of oceanographic changes in the North Atlantic. Together, this shift is likely related to broader changes in the Arctic and the Labrador Sea, and a short‐term strengthening of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation #AMOC, which is followed by a weakening. Thanks to Erin Lower Spies and Nina Whitney @ninawhitney for leading the effort! Stay tuned for more research from the Gulf of Maine.