Author: mmette

A day on land

Strong winds kept us out of the boats today (Wednesday).  The day was not wasted, however, as there was plenty of work to do on land.  Rob and Irene worked on servicing the benthic lander.  The lander contains an array of clams connected to gaping sensors to monitor their activity, as well as a myriad of … Continue reading A day on land

The action begins…

] Tuesday began with much excitement.  We had to get read y quickly as the good morning weather was to be followed by strong winds blowing up out of the East.  Michael Carroll, Maddie Mette, Irene Ballesta, and photojournalist Randall Hyman left dock at 10:30am in a small boat intent on collecting clams from the shallow … Continue reading The action begins…

Arrival on Ingøy!

The Hurtigruten dropped us in Havøysund (translates to “sea island sound”) where we spent the day waiting for the Masøyespressen ferry to take us to Ingøy. After carrying all of our gear to the ferry, we parked ourselves in a nearby hotel lounge/restaurant to talk science for a bit, leaving time to explore the beautiful … Continue reading Arrival on Ingøy!

En route to Ingøy

The Iowa State element of this year’s field campaign includes Dr. Al Wanamaker, Maddie Mette (PhD candidate), and Aubrey Foulk (undergraduate).  Joining us are colleagues from akvaplan-niva in Norway (Dr. Michael Carroll), Bates College in Maine (Dr. William Ambrose, Dr. Michael Retelle, and Julie Retelle – volunteering as a field cook), NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute … Continue reading En route to Ingøy